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Hot Water Tank Insulation

Start by clearing the area around your liquid cell (so you are all hit room to move), then clean the outside of the tank, particularly the top.

Measure the height and circumference of your cell and ingest your utility knife to revilement the liquid heater detachment kit roughly to size. Allow an extra 3 or 4 inches to the distance around the liquid cell to be sure you hit enough coverage.

Test fit the bedding and evaluation where the ends of the bedding overlap.

Cut away the fiberglass detachment where the blankets overlap right out to the end of the blanket, from crowning to bottom. Don't revilement through the plastic backing - you are all ingest this flap to overlap and secure the bedding later.

Wrap the bedding around the liquid heater and ingest short strips of tape to hold hot insulation in place.

Use your scissors to revilement openings, so you hit access to the liquid cell controls. On an electric tank, revilement a three-sided flap that can be touched up out of the way to reach the controls. On a gas tank, you need to vanish the detachment around the controls. Cut slots in the blanket, so you hit access to the pipage regulator and pressure relief regulator as well.

On electric tanks, you can insulate the crowning of the tank, as well as ingest a example of the remaining insulating blanket. NEVER insulate the crowning of a gas-fired blistering liquid tank.

Finish insulating your blistering liquid cell using strips of tape to fasten the bedding onto the crowning of the cell and seal the whole length of the overlap seam. Use either preformed foam liquid tube detachment or insulating tube twine tape to cover the prototypal 10 to 12 feet of the blistering liquid distinction streaming out of your tank.
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Hot Insulation
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