Shree Ram Equitech Pvt. Ltd. company has set up a 14400 MTPA capacity plant at Rasmada Industrial Area, Durg, Chhattisgarh with ultra modern facilities and sophisticated infra structures.
Shreeram Equitech Pvt. Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company

Shree Ram Equitech Pvt. Ltd., an insulation manufacturer of precision measurement and curb systems, has been providing accurate, non-contact size and pace measurement since 1984. A special focus has been placed on applications in the insulation industry for more than 4 old - improving product calibre and profitability.

Setting the standard for non-contact size and pace measurement.

Manufactures of insulation materials, whether it is, fiberglass batt, mineral or stone wool, have a need to make very accurate size cuts.

The LaserSpeed solves these issues because it is: -20-40 times more accurate than contact methods -Non-contact so there is no slippage -Permanently calibrated which keeps the creation distinction up and running longer -Robust and works on any surface

LaserSpeed is also utilised in the post cut persona as well to wage the insulation manufacture with a calibre inspection of apiece length.

They have proven to wage a typical return on assets of less than 2 months. Savings are achieved through increased accuracy, reduced scrap, less product give-away, reduction of calculate backs from short rolls or lengths and reduced maintenance/calibration costs.
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