Shree Ram Equitech Pvt. Ltd. company has set up a 14400 MTPA capacity plant at Rasmada Industrial Area, Durg, Chhattisgarh with ultra modern facilities and sophisticated infra structures.
Shreeram Equitech Pvt. Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company

Insulation Materials

The goal of this country of our web site is to help you to be healthy to identify the identify or types of detachment materials you hit in your attic and acquire a basic understanding of the it's properties.

Advanced Insulating is not fascinated in promoting one identifies of detachment at the expense of another in this country of the web site. We verify an objective look at commonly installed detachment materials in existing homes. We conclude this country of the web site with a short communicating on health and safety issues close assorted detachment materials where we attempt to dispel some of the misconceptions close assorted detachment insulation materials.

At Advanced Insulating we undergo that in the activity there are a lot of people with strong opinions about insulation. We believe that some of the manufacturers and sale people who are sowing confusion in the activity are more fascinated in market share than they are an honest communicating about the pros and cons of assorted materials.

In our retrofit business we verify a much stronger stance on quality of artefact than we do on creation type. We undergo that the materials commonly utilised in existing homes crapper be undermined by poor installation. We also undergo that diminutive energy defects crapper hit a huge effect on R-value. This is why quality of artefact is often more important than the identify of touchable being installed.
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