Shree Ram Equitech Pvt. Ltd. company has set up a 14400 MTPA capacity plant at Rasmada Industrial Area, Durg, Chhattisgarh with ultra modern facilities and sophisticated infra structures.
Shreeram Equitech Pvt. Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company

Mineral wool Mattresses has a unique arrange of properties combine high thermal resistance with long-term stability. It is made from molten glass, pericarp or scum that is spun into a fiber-like structure which creates a combination of properties that no another detachment touchable crapper match. It has the noesis to spend energy, minimize pollution, combat noise, reduce the risk of fire and protect chronicle and property in the event of fire.

Mineral wool Mattresses: Production and properties describes the technological impact of petrified wool production and the physical characteristics of the mix and theoretical bases of multiregression and dimensionless theory. This is followed by the introduction of the fiber chilling model in the blow-away flow and the influence of temperature in the mix film (on the rotating apparatus wheels) on the broadness of forming fibers.

The second part predominantly focuses on the use of computer-aided visualization: tools for the diagnostics of fiber and direct layer formation. Special attention is given to the study of aerodynamic characteristics of the flowing which significantly influences the calibre of the final product.

Mineral wool Mattresses: Production and properties is suitable for engineers, researchers and for correct and postgraduate students who want to broaden their noesis of experimental methods in this field.
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Mineral Wool Mattresses
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